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On her shelf she keeps something called her happy wagon, which has twenty pebbles that she moves in and out of the wagon depending on her level of happiness. She created a fictional character called Evelyn Everybody, and Susan would ask Leo if Evelyn would do something in order to decide if it was "normal" and whether she should do it. However, the shunning at school continued. Stargirl wondered why they still didn't like her. Leo noticed there were only two pebbles in her happy wagon. Your Happy plans start here! The new Happy Wagon Planner is an un-dated planner designed to be flexible, fun and help you organize your schedule at the same time!

Happy wagon stargirl

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Examples: follow Stargirl's happy pebble wagon, follow Stargirl's feelings towards Leo or Perry, follow the events in Margie's doughnut shop. After Reading: Stargirl decides at the end of her letters to  Stargirl's wagon- Stargirl's wagon represents her happiness. When she is at her happiest, the wagon is full of pebbles. When she spends time with Leo she is truly happy and is able to fill her wagon with her happy stones. She is happy because she is herself and she can express herself freely.

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The shunning bothers Leo. 56. Stargirl puts up a banner at school that reads, "STARGIRL LOVES LEO." 57.

Happy wagon stargirl

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Stargirl kissed a girl for slapping her. 2008-04-05 Stargirl shows Leo her “happy wagon” (121) which is filled with 17 pebbles. Stargirl keeps 20 pebbles and adds them to the wagon when she is happy and removes them when she is sad. Later, Stargirl and Leo sit outside while Stargirl documents unscripted moments in the life of her five-year old neighbor. When Stargirl shows Leo her "happy wagon", she explains that when she is happy she adds a stone to the wagon, and when she's sad she takes one away. Leo is shocked by the lowset level because in his words, she doesn't seem to be the type to be unhappy. (2) A tiny wagon full of tons of pebbles.

Throughout the book, Leo notices the fluctuations of the pebble wagon which is how Stargirl's mood, otherwise Stargirl would be portrayed as a happy char 14 Oct 2020 October 14, 2014 - Stargirl chapters 25 and 26 Homework: Bring How has Stargirl's happy wagon changed since the last time Leo saw it? 4. 13 May 2019 She's sad and lonely, and her happy wagon is down to one rock. But she begins to meet new people (a donut obsessed lady, a moody tween, a  12 Mar 2020 The novel in question is Jerry Spinelli's best seller “Stargirl. announces herself as “Stargirl,” and sings “Happy Birthday” to him in a beautiful,  love 44. voice 43.
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She measures her self-satisfaction with the world through a “happy wagon.” If she is feeling sad, she removes a pebble; she says the Happy Wagon is about twenty-five percent full these days. One day, a rambunctious five-year-old named Dootsie Pringle interrupts Stargirl as she meditates on a table.

16 A imaginary person that Stargirl makes up to decide what normal kids would do. 31 When did Stargirl have the most pebbles in her happy wagon?
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The happy wagon sits on Stargirl's book shelf. The wagon is about the size of Leo's fist, and it is made of wood.